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PRESALE - Mini Sampler Set

PRESALE - Mini Sampler Set

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No decisions needed when you can try a few! Each box comes with 3 of our hair care minis.

Ships mid - late October

Box 1: Clairvoyant shampoo, Oat Wash shampoo, and Olive You shampoo bars

Box 2: Cedar conditioner, Oat Wash shampoo, and Olive You shampoo bars

Box 3: Floral conditioner, Oat Wash shampoo, and Clairvoyant shampoo bars

About the mini sampler sets:

Shampoo minis are 40 g
Conditioner minis are 30 g

To Use:

Wet your hair, then give the shampoo bar a few swirls across the top of your head. Massage the suds through your mane, and rinse as usual.

To condition, thoroughly wet your hair and the conditioner bar, then massage the bar where your hair needs the most love. Use your hands to massage the product through your hair, concentrating where your hair is driest. Rinse as usual! 

Let your bars drain and dry between uses.