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Frost Bites Cordials
Frost Bites Cordials
Frost Bites Cordials
Frost Bites Cordials
Frost Bites Cordials

Frost Bites Cordials

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Frost Bites Syrup Co.

Cranberry Spice
Full of tart cranberry goodness, this lightly sweet syrup has all the spices you would find in mulled wine, with a suprise kick of black pepper. Use in sparkling wine for a holiday cocktail or try using a splash in your Cosmopolitan. We keep this in our pantry to make an easy mocktail for the designated driver at all of the holiday parties: 1 oz cordial + 6 oz sparkling water + 6 frozen cranberries + a sprig of rosemary. Cheers!

Sour Cherry
There is nothing more delicious than fresh picked sour cherries from the Okanagan.  This bright, fruity cordial is a home bartending must have. It pairs well with rum, whiskey, tequila, gin and vodka. We use this as a grenadine in classic cocktail recipes. Try in soda water with lots of fresh squeezed lime for a cheeky take on a lime rickey!

Pink Grapefruit + Tarragon
We originally made this cordial as a perfect compliment to clean, not too botanically, gin. This cordial has quickly become one of our most popular go to soda mixers.

Hula Hula
This tropical gem is a must for tiki drink lovers. This is our version of the beloved Hawaii drink, POG., Our Hula Hula is made with passionfruit, mandarin orange, guava and lime - it's fruity, punchy, bright and a favorite with kids of all ages. Use to make mai tais and tequila sunrises.

Hibiscus Lemon
We use a mix of Egyptian + Mexican hibiscus flowers to add a depth of floral, tart, earthy notes, only to be brightened up by lots of fresh lemon juice. When mixed with soda water this cordial makes a lovely sparkling pink lemonade. It pairs well with tequila in making margaritas, or try a splash in gin on a hot summers day. This is our shave ice show stopper, in colour and taste!